so,idk and i have no idea about this blog and why this blog exists but i guess it's about bollywood and about all the shit i like to fangirl about


brown parent love is dangerously self-sacrificial. and it will leave you feeling horribly inadequate as a product of that love. 


forever questioning why bipasha broke up with john

pretty little liars meme: favourite outfits  →  spencer hastings

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I’ve loved Salman Khan since I was literally 4 months old and so he will always remain special to me. 

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"What can I say? I fell in love." - Ranveer Singh



how can lawyers argue without crying 

or swearing

if i went into a courtroom i’d be all

now you fucking listen here you little cumslut 


dashtetanhai said: 

Brown men who think they hold claim over all brown girls and think we automatically want them««<

[Brown] men who sleep around and fuck with non-desi girls while they’re in high school and college but then expect to settle down with an “untouched” housewife when it’s time to get married««««<

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How I see


*sings Tum Hi Ho to a plate of samosas*

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how to try and hide your relationship but fail epically: a pictorial guide by ranveer singh and deepika padukone